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Celebrating people who have transformed their lives

Kristen D.

I am so very grateful for Dr. Jeudi Boulom and the opportunity to have received care from her for both my physical body and my spirit body. She has gone far above in her level of caring attention than any Chiropractic Dr. I have ever met. I was struggling with self-esteem and battling with addiction,

Dr. Jeudi took me under her wing and helped me learn self-Love. I am now 100% drug and alcohol free living a life of absolute joy and anticipation for what is still to come!!

Jerry G.

Thank you, Dr. Jeudi Boulom. Your care was very professional and caring. Thank you helping me. I will see you again.

Nan J.

I highly recommend Dr. Jeudi and Dr. Sky Boulom to anyone who needs basic chiropractic care, or who is emotionally or spiritually blocked in their lives. I first saw Jeudi when I was suffering from severe depression. The kind of depression where it's hard to get up in the morning, or to find meaning in your life. It was bleak. I met Jeudi during this time, and I can honestly say she may have saved my life. First, she said I should start a gratitude journal. I like to journal so I agreed to do that. She also said to visualize my future, which I did. She said to do this for 40 days. I am now on day 235. My business is now thriving, and most of all, my depression has been reduced. I also saw Jeudi for a chiropractic treatment, which helped to support and build upon the healing that I was experiencing. To top it off, I also went to see Sky a few times for a back problem, and his work was extremely beneficial too. Please consider engaging the services of this dynamic team. You will not regret it!

John C.

Dr. Jeudi did a fantastic job for me.  My neck was bothering me like crazy, and every time I went to see her it was like the pain was never there.  She has a very gentle approach and it's very relaxing, and effective.  Her knowledge on nutrition is phenomenal.  I highly recommend anyone to go see her for pain before you get prescription to put a "ban-aid" on the pain.  Dr. Jeudi is able to heal the problem from the core.

Glen H.

Went and saw Dr. Jeudi, Very good questions, made me feel real comfortable, felt much better after the session. Would highly recommend!!

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