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Dr. Jeudi
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Dr. Jeudi Boulom is a doctor of Chiropractic.
She has been practicing Chiropractic for 20 years.  Her passion has always been with simple, natural, holistic healing.
Since she was young, Dr. Jeudi has obtained spiritual guidance to keep her alive while facing life in The Killing Field, obtained wellness guidance to enrich her life while she was poor and starving, obtained soul guidance to lead her to the path of righteousness while she has no connection.  Living her life based solely on her intuition and principle, Dr. Jeudi is able to see reality in a different light.
With her family situation, Dr. Jeudi was empowered to seek more knowledge in the field of nutrition, energy and spiritual healing.  Through many years of seeking and studying with many teachers and masters, Dr. Jeudi is ecstatic to share her enlightenment with the world.  
Dr. Jeudi is honored to be your Wellness Coach and Life Coach.
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