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· 10% of the world's population endure chronic pain.

· Chronic pain is projected to grow another 7.2% by 2030.

· 10% are newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year.

· Individuals with severe pain had worse health, used more health care, and had more disability than those with less severe pain.

· Traditional approach does not address the true root cause.

· Patients are seeking alternative care to relieve their pain.


· Address the true underlying root cause.

· Learn how the 5 major organs may be the contributing factor for patient not responding to current treatment.

· Learn how visceral organs stagnation is a major contributing cause of chronic low back pain, neck and shoulders stiffness.

· Learn how body space stagnation is the major cause of chronic pain.

· Learn how to apply laser therapy to get 50% - 100 % pain free within the first visit.

· Learn to treat visceral organs with laser therapy.

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